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Beyond Reach - DJ BrixX Beyond Reach - DJ BrixX

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Absolutely brilliant!

Trance these days seem so similar to every other trance song that it's hard to really appreciate the unique, and truly attention grabbing aspect of it. This is not your case however. What you have is a gift, and one that you need to exploit to it's fullest. What you do is truly inspiring, as shown by earlier comments, and what I find most imnpressive is your nack for taking negative crap and tossing it aside like it was a soft spurt of wind. Determination will get you far, (as cliched as that sounds), just keep up the awesome work! d(^^,)b

\__\\-\Out of the Ashes/-//__/ \__\\-\Out of the Ashes/-//__/

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just Awesome!

Wow, what an inspiration. Not only can you create awe inspiring music, but at the same time convey a message of hope, but one of renewal. As it has inspired me, I hope what you've done can also inspire others. This may seem a bit over the top and outlandish, but it just goes to show what music can do to a person's outlook on life and how it can inspire them to perform to their utmost abilities. Keep up the good work d(^^,)b

Crying in the rain-Champ remix Crying in the rain-Champ remix

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Hey DanceNation, I think what you mean is "he DOESN'T cease to amaze us" lol. Not trying to bash ya just letting ya know for future reference. Because if he did cease to amaze us, then well, that means he isn't amazing us anymore lol. Anyways great remix, love how you turned an already amazing song into an even more enjoyable tune with your own touch added :)